World Language

Grade 7 Spanish

In seventh grade students begin learning how to study a second language. Children will study greetings, farewells, courtesy expressions, classroom vocabulary, colors, numbers to 100, computer vocabulary, modes of transportation, and places in the city. Additionally, students will state place of origin, tell time and make a telephone call, discuss school schedules and daily activities, and learn to make an introduction. Major grammatically components will include sentence structure, forming negative sentences, formal versus informal speech, subject pronouns, verb conjugations, number and gender agreement, strategies for creating and responding to questions, and stating location.

Grade 8 Spanish

Eighth graders continue to build on the skills they learned in seventh grade while paying closer attention to details. Generally speaking there is more emphasis on oral and written communication skills as well as comprehension and listening skills. Students will learn to order a meal in a restaurant, talk about family and friends, describe peopole, express opinions, talk about everyday life including activities/hobbies, learn about the calendar including specific dates/holidays, and use numbers to one million. Significant grammatically concepts include a focus on present tense regular and irregular verbs and the near future tense, the differences between SER and ESTAR, possession, descriptive adjectives, expressing likes and dislikes, and using direct object pronouns.

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