5th Grade Science
5th grade is an exciting immersion into the world of science. Students will be introduced to the scientific method through lab work and scientific inquiry. Topics covered include matter, ecosystems, human impact, and earth's in the universe. 

 6th Grade Science

6th grade students at HBMS will cover three units of study. They begin the year by reviewing the scientific method and the metric system. The first unit is Astronomy. Here students will learn about the reasons for our seasons, how Earth rotates and revolves, the Moon, Sun and other aspects of our Solar System. There is also a Planet Project assigned during this unit. This is a cross curriculum project involving research, writing, math, and technology, aligning with the new common core Massachusetts standards.

The second unit of study deals with the Inside of the Earth. Topics such as Earth’s layers, earthquakes, volcanoes, rocks and minerals and plate tectonics will be explored. The final unit of study deals with Earths Changing Surface. Students will learn reasons for Earth’s erosion, study contour maps and analyze fossils.

7th Grade Science
In 7th grade students practice various science skills and study different branches of science.   Students will learn to ask and answer scientific questions, use scientific equipment to collect data, and come to conclusions using evidence.  The major units that we will study include energy, heat, electromagnetism and communication systems, motion and transportation systems, the Earth’s surface, ecosystems, and adaptations. 

8th Grade Science

Students can anticipate building on the critical thinking relationships from prior years to further develop an understanding of the complexity of the natural world and its interconnectedness.  

Class Content:
During the year, we will explore such topics as:

  • The elements
  • Physics
  • Genetics
  • Evolution
  • The earth, moon & Sun
  • Engineering/Technology
  • Science Process Skills:

In science, a range of important skills provides the basis for investigation. These skills – such as reasoning, using a process, etc. – are useful in other classes and everyday life.  Students will be learning and practicing these skills throughout the year.

Content for this course is based on curriculum standards set by the school district and Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. You can learn more about the Massachusetts
Curriculum Frameworks from





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