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General Guidelines for School Attendance for Ill Children

The goal of North Middlesex Regional Schools is to strive for excellent attendance. There are times when your child may not be perfectly healthy, but is able to participate in normal school activities. We would encourage your child to attend on those days. If you feel it is questionable that your child will make it through a full day of school, please send a note in to the school nurse with numbers where you can be reached. The Nurses at North Middlesex Regional Schools have formulated the following guidelines for school attendance.

Please keep your child home from school if they display any of the following symptoms:
• Fever of 100 degrees or more, and until the child has had a normal temperature for 24 hours; without the use of Tylenol or Advil
• Vomiting or diarrhea during the night or in the morning before school
• Uncontrollable or infectious (phlegm-laden) cough
• Abdominal pain lasting more than 2 hours
• Rash of unknown cause
• Signs of infection of the eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin or scalp. For example: conjunctivitis or pink eye, open sores in mouth, untreated strep throat, impetigo or open weeping wounds, lice and/or presence of nits (eggs) or scabies.
• If on antibiotics for less than 24 hours for infectious conditions such as strep throat, conjunctivitis or impetigo

Please remember to call the absent line at your child’s school to report his/her illness. Please try to call the absent line early in the morning if your child will be out. If you have any questions concerning these guidelines or your child’s health, please contact your school nurse. * HBMS absent line: 978 597-5261

Emergency Forms

Every student must return a completed emergency form to school. Information on this form is essential for your child’s health and safety during the school day.

Special Health Considerations

Please inform the school nurse of any special health considerations your child may have including: daily medications (even those given at home), allergies, asthma, diabetes, hearing or vision difficulties
(including the need for hearing aides or glasses), recent injuries or difficulty with mobility. The nurse will help plan any accommodations your child may need as well as familiarizing other school staff with any
special health needs.


Children will be dismissed to parents/guardians or a person designated by them on the emergency form. The parent/guardian must meet the ill or injured child in the school at the health office.

 Medication Policy

Whenever possible please give medication at home. If medication must be administered during school hours, a physician’s order is required, for over-the-counter, as well as, prescription medications. A parent signature is also required. Medication orders must be renewed at the
beginning of each school year. Parents/ guardians MUST deliver medications directly to the nurse. It is against school policy for students to carry their medications.

Tylenol/Ibuprofen Policy

The school nurse is able to dispense Tylenol or Ibuprofen to students who have a permission form on file in the health office. Chewable/liquid Tylenol or Ibuprofen must be provided by the parents. 

Physical Education Excuse Policy

Restrictions in physical activity, including physical education, should
be noted, as needed, by the physician. Students should submit excuses from physicians to the nurse. The Wellness teachers will receive a copy of the note. Parents may excuse their child from PE or fitness with a note stating: date to be excused, reason for excuse, signature of parent and name of student. *A doctor’s note is required after 2 consecutive excuses.*

Cough Drops

Cough drops are considered to be over-the-counter medications by the MA States Regulations. Non-medicated cough drops may be sent in with a note from the parent.

Postural Screening

Postural screening is a state mandated, non-invasive screening conducted by the physical education teachers and the school nurse in grades 5-8 each school year after Christmas break.


Vision screenings are performed on all 5th. Vision, hearing, height, weight and SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment for alcohol and drug use) screenings are performed on all 7th graders. Parents may opt students out of screenings in writing.

Physical Exams

All 8th grade students will need to have a physical exam prior to entry into 9th grade. This is ideally done by your primary care physician. Inschool physicals at the high school will be offered in June. Please send in copies of any physical exams or immunization records to the health office in order to keep health records up to date.

Authorization for Exchange of Information

Information pertinent to the student’s safety or ability to learn in the classroom will be shared with the student’s team and specialists as well as school administrators. All other information will be kept confidential.

Immunization Requirements

All 7th grade students must show proof of second MMR vaccine, full Hepatitis B series, adult Td or Tdap and 2 Varicella vaccines or physician certified proof of chicken pox disease prior to entry.


All students new to the North Middlesex District must show proof of immunizations prior to entry. A physical exam is required 6 months prior to entry or within the school year.


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