Fine Arts Department


5th Grade Art: 5th grade art class starts as an introduction and review of basic principles and elements of art. Students are encouraged to use self-expression within their on going assignments. The use of basic artistic materials such as paper, watercolors, marker, paint, colored pencil, and 3-D materials. Students will work on assignments such as Optical Illusions, fall watercolor painting and 2-D relief painting.

6th Grade Art:  6th grade students continue to use their basic knowledge of artistic  skills throughout their time in art class. Students will expand their use of materials including plaster, watercolor pencils and their first introduction to clay in middle school.  During the last trimester students will be working on a collaborative project with music and theater creating masks out of plaster.  Students will also be expanding their knowledge of art in other cultures and time periods.

7th Grade Art: 7th grade students will spend the majority of their time developing the basic skills of drawing and design. Observational drawing is the focus for the beginning of the school year that will then expand into developing skills of design.  An introduction to mixed media will be used in an abstract 3 dimensional assignment.

8th Grade Art: 8th grade art is student driven curriculum. Students are given assignments and guidelines but their artwork is based on self-expression and personal interests.  Trimester 1 & 2 are developing 3-D skills in a major clay assignment and then printmaking. Both of these assignments are based on students personal connections to their art.  3-D and printmaking are both mediums that students can explore in depth during the 3rd trimester where students can choose their Fine Arts electives.  



5th Grade Music:  5th grade music class continues to learn about the elements of music, solfege, music notation, and music history and culture.  Students will apply this knowledge with the use of guitar, piano keyboard, and drums.  Students will compose percussion pieces based in the Stomp style.  In the spring, students will learn about music during the American Revolution, including the importance of fife and drum music of the era.

6th Grade Music:  6th grade music class continues the growth of the knowledge and skills of 5th grade, with a larger unit on the guitar.  Students will learn the guitar in several different styles and will perform songs individually and with an ensemble.  6th grade music students will learn about the music of the world to support their study of geography in Social Studies.  The drum, in it many shapes and playing techniques, is played throughout many cultures, and will be added to the voice to perform a myriad of music of many cultures.


7th Grade Music:  7th grade class continues the growth of musical skills and knowledge, and applies them through a study of American Popular music, beginning with the Blues of the Mississippi Delta and through the development of that style and into other influenced styles, including Jazz, Rock, Soul and Country, and in a limited degree, Rap.  Students will perform and compose in the styles, learning the intricacies between the styles.


8th Grade Music: 8th grade music class continues the development of skills and knowledge and focuses on the application of music composition and recording.  During the second trimester, students will analyze the form and function of songs, and compose original work.  This work can be recorded in the classroom and mixed and edited using the school laptops.


Fine Arts Theatre

5th Grade Theater: Begins with an introduction to theater via theatrical games promoting teamwork, risk-taking, speaking alone in front of the class, tableau, facial expressions and the use of the body. Students will learn the parts of the stage and their abbreviations. Second trimester, students will be introduced to improvisation. They will be exposed to speaking in front of an audience, and trained in being able to think quickly on their feet while as use their imaginations. Trimester three will be a collaboration between art, music and theater. In theater, students will be learning about voice-over work and how to develop a script.

6th Grade Theater: Begins with monologue work for individual performance. Students will focus on the use of their face, voice and body to tell a story. Second trimester, students will focus on pantomime and movement in storytelling. Third trimester students will be exposed to elements of technical theater.

7th Grade Theater: Begins with scene study 1 class in which students will analyze and perform written scenes. Students will focus on character development and staging. Second trimester is a World Theater class, where students will learn various theatrical styles from all over the world. Students will research and present an aspect of theater from another culture. Third semester, students will study technical theater aspects in regards to a text. Focus will be on costume and makeup design.  

8th Grade Theater: Begins with Shakespeare Appreciation, where students will research and perform a Shakespearean monologue. Second trimester TBA. Third trimester students will have a choice of several electives within the fine arts department to focus on for the remainder of the year.


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