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Mission Statement

Hawthorne Brook Middle School embraces the mission statement of the North Middlesex Regional School District:   To provide a comprehensive educational experience focused on students becoming contributing members of society.

We believe it is our responsibility as a school community to encourage all students to be lifelong learners,skilled thinkers, effective communicators, responsible leaders, and positive role models.

In our classrooms, in our corridors, and on our playing fields, we provide our students the opportunities to enhance their skills, and we encourage the attitudes of exemplary citizenship.

Vision Statement

Our vision statement is our mission statement in action. It is inspired in part by the beliefs and expectations set forth by the National Middle School Association and guided by the principles of the Carnegie Report1.

  • Students are the focus and are supported to achieve at high levels.
  • Students' diversity in talents and abilities are recognized.
  • Students are expected to be responsible, organized, and the agents of their own learning.
  • Students must first sense emotional and physical security before new academic and social risks can be taken.
  • The school is organized into small learning communities where teachers know their students well.
  • Teams of teachers meet regularly to discuss the curriculum and students in their charge.
  • Curriculum is challenging, differentiated, and based on the state frameworks.
  • Best teaching practices are agreed upon by the staff and are based on research done on effective middle school instruction.
  • A policy of shared decision-making rather than top down decision-making is adopted.
  • Partnerships with parents and community agencies are in place to better serve the needs of our students.
  • Various forms of assessments are on-going and serve not only to gauge success but also provide direction for school improvement.
  • Students are given opportunities in after-school activities that enrich their lives and experiences.

Core Values

Our core values exhibit the synthesis of both the mission and vision statements. We believe that respect is the basic requirement for whatever community we hope to achieve -

  • Respect for the truth, which is honesty
  • Respect for difference, which is the essence of diversity
  • Respect for one's self, which is the foundation of our human dignity
  • Respect for each other's person and property which is a matter of law
  • And a respect for the rules and the authority that governs us, which creates our community

DESE Data for HB
Every year the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) publishes district and school “report cards” for every district in the state. There are two documents that may be of interest to parents and community members regarding district schools.
A PDF of the 2017 Massachusetts School Report Card Overview for Hawthorne Brook is here.
A PDF of the 2017 Complete Report Card for Hawthorne Brook is here.
A link to those two pages on the DESE website are here: Overview and Complete Report Card.

A link to report cards for other districts and schools is available at: profiles.doe.mass.edu.


1 In 1989, The Carnegie Corporation of New York issued "Turning Points: Preparing American Youth for the 21st Century," a landmark report which recognized the need to strengthen the academic core of middle schools and establish caring, supportive environments which value adolescents.

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