Social Studies

5th Grade Social Studies

Students in Grade 5 are engaged in a year-long research- and project-based comprehensive study of the political, social, economic and geographic history of the United States. Major topics covered include Native Americans, Early Explorers, Colonial Life, the American Revolution, The Constitution, United States Growth (Louisiana Purchase, Westward Expansion, etc.) and the Civil War.
Classwork and homework focus on hands-on learning, small-group research projects and multi-media presentations, class-wide or even team-wide dramatic productions, and other interactive student-centered activities.


6th Grade Social Studies

Sixth graders study world geography. Students will focus on: the themes of geography, location, land & water forms, world culture and the study of the continents and individual countries of the world. Methods of research will be practically employed through projects and investigations related to geography. Effective writing techniques using claim/evidence methods will be incorporated into the curriculum in accordance with the common core. Reading for information and oral presentations will be integrated into the aforementioned activities, also in alignment with the common core.

7th Grade Social Studies

Seventh graders will go on a journey back in time to Ancient Mesopotamia and end with Ancient Rome. In between they will study the wonders of Ancient Egypt and the marvels of Ancient Greece. Students will work on several projects throughout the year that will require them to incorporate technology into their curriculum. Students will also work on developing and implementing different writing techniques throughout their studies.

8th Grade Social Studies

Eighth graders will start their studies with the fall of the Roman Empire and its impact on Europe’s progression into the Dark Ages. They will also study the Crusades and how it transformed Europe, bringing it from the Middle Ages to the glory of the Renaissance. Throughout the year students will prepare for their trip to Washington, D.C., reviewing some of the major events in US History, and the history behind some of the venues that they will visit.


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