English Language Arts

Grades 5-8 English Language Arts Program

The Language Arts program requires students to read, write and think critically, creatively and strategically. As the students develop a broad range of writing and reading strategies they grow intellectually, socially and emotionally. Students practice the skills they need to flourish in adult society and discover the benefits that come with communicating well through speech and writing.

As students discuss literature and writing, they develop the ability to use language for a variety of purposes, including sharing information, persuading and questioning. By using a broad range of texts, students continue to make progress in their ability to connect with ideas and experiences of others. Practicing each stage of the writing process facilitates the opportunity for student to use writing to explore their ideas and feelings and to analyze their own writing. All of their writing experiences help students to learn to evaluate their writing as a product and as a way of communication.

6th Grade English Language Arts

In sixth grade, students study the elements of literature and its various genres. A literature anthology is utilized to read, discuss, and analyze short stories, poetry, drama and non-fiction. In alignment with Common Core Standards, effective writing skills are emphasized with a focus on answering open response questions using a claim / supporting evidence methodology. In addition, persuasive, informative, and narrative writing will be practiced. Oral presentation skills will also be modeled and practiced.


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