English Language Arts

Grades 5-8 English Language Arts Program

The English Language Arts program requires students to read, write and think critically, creatively and strategically. As the students develop a broad range of writing and reading strategies they grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Students practice the skills they need to flourish in adult society and discover the benefits that come with communicating well through speaking and writing.

In reading students grapple with texts of exceptional craft and thought whose range extends across genres, cultures, and centuries. These works offer profound insights into the human condition and serve as models for students’ own thinking and writing. Through wide and deep reading of literature and literary nonfiction of steadily increasing sophistication, students gain a reservoir of literary and cultural knowledge, references, and images.

In writing, students learn to assert and defend claims, show what they know about a subject, and convey what they have experienced, imagined, thought, or felt.They will take into careful consideration task, purpose, and audience and choose words, structures, and formats deliberately in order to communicate an idea most effectively.


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